VeloCloud Terraform Provider published on Hashicorp registry!

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My Terraform provider for VeloCloud is now available on the official Terraform registry. Checkout Velocloud TF provider docs

For me, it was the opportunity to learn more about:

  • signing some code
  • managing the GitHub release process
  • using go-releaser
  • documenting the code with Terraform syntax

The provider is published as a community provider, so with no official VMware support.

By the way, as of today, it enables:

  • the creation/update/deletion of Edges
  • the creation/update/deletion of Address Groups
  • the creation/update/deletion of Port Groups
  • the management of Business Policies
  • the management of Firewall Rules
  • the management of Interface Settings within the Device Settings module

Some datasources are also available:

  • Existing Port Group
  • Existing Address Group
  • Existing Profile
  • Existing Edge
  • Map an application

Future release will include Operator-level operations, like:

  • the creation/update/deletion of Enterprises
  • the creation/update/deletion of Gateways

and day-0 operations:

  • VCO installation

Start trying the provider with:

 1terraform {
 2  required_providers {
 3    velocloud   = {
 4      source    = "adeleporte/velocloud"
 5      version   = "0.2.9"
 6    }
 7  }
11provider "velocloud" {
12  # Configuration options

And learn how to use it with Velocloud TF provider docs